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Mobile Marketing Training
29 December, 2020
Mobile Marketing: How to Target Your Local Audience Using Mobile Marketing

More people than ever are using mobile devices on a daily basis. This type of behavior presents a significant opportunity...

Social Media Training
15 December, 2020
3 Must Know Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

Although online video is nothing new, the amount of videos being watched has absolutely exploded over the last year. According...

Certified Approval Agreement Confirmation Concept
29 September, 2020
Why Choose Web Media University’s Social Media Certification Program?

If you’re looking for a proven way to grow your business, social media marketing is an excellent option. By learning...

Linkedin Training Courses
01 September, 2020
Top 5 Ways to Increase Sales With LinkedIn Groups

With over 225 million users, LinkedIn has become a central hub for anyone who's serious about their career. While most...

Social Media Certification
03 March, 2020
Nationwide 2020 Social Media Management Certification Boot Camp Schedule Announced by CEO, Michelle Hummel, from Web Media University

Get hands-on training with Michelle Hummel, CEO of Web Strategy Plus, a full-service Social Media Marketing Agency recently nominated for the Woman-Owned...

Pinterest Training For Business
28 January, 2020
Pinterest Group Boards – What are the Pros and Cons?

It generally doesn’t take a whole lot of time for new Pinterest users It generally doesn't take a whole lot...

Twitter Training Course
14 January, 2020
How to Turn a Twitter Follower Into a Lead

One of the biggest criticisms that businesses have about Twitter is that for all the hype surrounding it, the platform...

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
15 July, 2016
Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

In a relatively short amount of time, Facebook has developed its ad offering into a very powerful platform that is...

Web Media University Offers Social Media Management Certification
05 November, 2013
Web Media University Offers Social Media Management Certification

Social media marketing is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the latest CMO survey from the Duke University Fuqua...

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