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5 Tips for Enhancing Franchise Social Media Marketing Campaigns


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Many franchises are in one of two situations. The first is not using social media at all. Although studies show that most business owners are aware that social media can be a highly effective marketing channel, less than 40% of businesses actually utilize platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The second scenario is using social media but being disappointed with the lack of results it drives. There are plenty of businesses that have gotten started with social media but still haven’t seen it move the needle.

Both of these issues are linked to the same core problem. That problem is not having a clear plan for using social media. Not having a clear plan is why so many businesses haven’t started using social media. It’s also why there are plenty of businesses that are using social media but aren’t seeing the results they want.

Although social media does present some challenges, the good news is there are ways franchises can overcome them.

By following the five tips below, franchise social media marketing can become a success:

Be Consistent

Momentum plays a significant role in social media. A lack of consistency is the most common reason franchises that are using social media fail to see the results they want. You can avoid this problem by building a franchise marketing plan for social that includes frequent updates.

Give Franchisees Control

Part of being consistent with social media and building the momentum that’s necessary for success is giving franchisees the ability to make updates without being micromanaged. Not only will this approach contribute to social media consistency, but it will also give people who interact with the brand via social media a more authentic experience.

Create Style Guidelines

Style guidelines make it possible to give franchisees control while still maintaining a consistent brand across social. These guidelines can be as broad or specific as you want. The main goal is to cover what franchisees need to know to keep their social media activity in line with the brand.

Use Tools

There are some great tools for franchise social media management, which is why you should find the one that works best for your specific needs and then use it to help streamline social media activity.

Test, Monitor and Adapt

It’s important to create a plan for social media marketing. That being said, social is a channel that continues to evolve, which is why it’s important to regularly test and monitor your efforts, as well as adapt accordingly based on what the data says.

If you need help putting the franchise social media tips we covered into action, learn more about how our bootcamp social media certification can put you on a path to success.

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