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Get instant access to the recorded training so you can learn at your own pace. The only program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to attract high-quality leads using social media like a pro – but also helps you create magnetic social media sales funnels to easily drive dozens or even hundreds of new customers to your services every month. Get instant access to your training on-demand!

If you are new to social media you may be best suited for our Beginner course, view Beginner course details. If you are more experienced with social media marketing then our Advanced course may be a good fit, view Advanced course details. If you are really trying to maximize your learning potential you can take both courses!

You will go from feeling lost and frustrated with marketing online to putting together a profitable social media marketing strategy effortlessly every day!

By The End Of This Program you will:

– Nail down a profitable social media marketing strategy you can implement right away (instead of spending another year doing it wrong and getting no results).

– Discover exactly how to find your target audience on social media saving you precious time by engaging on the right channels to increase your revenue.

– Develop a high-converting social media sales funnel content system that will drive quality leads to your website.

– Gain access to a comprehensive social media posting system with best practices to hit the ground running with the skills needed to get results fast.

– Gather knowledge of how to quickly build new social media followers with an engaging content marketing strategy that inspires more Brand Advocates.

– Develop a Social Media Content Calendar so you can easily organize and implement your profitable social media marketing strategies easily for years to come.


Social Media Manger Certification
$ 949 $ 349

Social Media Certification – Beginner, 6 Hour Course

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be a Social Media Manager! Do you want to know exactly how to...

Advanced Social Media Certification
$ 949 $ 349

Social Media Certification – Advanced, 6 Hour Course

Take your training to the next level and learn advanced social media marketing strategies. Learn how to run cost-effective social...

Social Media Certification - Beginner and Advanced, 12 Hour Course Discount Combo
$ 597

Social Media Certification – Beginner and Advanced, 12 Hour Course Discount Combo

Get the best value for your time and money by signing up for both sections at once!



Get a $100 credit towards a Social Media Certification Class when you become a Web Media University member!

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