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1:1 Personal Expert Coaching Session

Master the curriculum and build your skills through personalized, 1:1 sessions with our expert teacher.

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On-Demand Certification

Get social media certified at your own pace with our on-demand recorded training.

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On-Demand Membership Program

Join our membership program to save money and take only the courses you need to focus your time and efforts.

Classroom Training

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Virtual, Live Certification

Earn your social media certificate in a live, virtual classroom setting. Training available for both beginner and advanced levels.

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Industry-Specific Training

We’ll tailor our curriculum to your specific company, industry and knowledge level to give you the most personalized group experience available.

Social Media Courses

In-Person Certification

Join us for a 1- or 2-day in-person social media certification boot camp. Learn in a classroom setting amongst your peers with hands-on access to your teacher.

Expert Teacher - Web Media University

Teacher Spotlight

Teacher- Web Media University

Michelle Hummel Founder, Social Media Expert, Lead Teacher

Web Media University founder, Michelle Hummel, knows how difficult it is to stay on top of all the changes in social media. She developed the curriculum to teach it in individual, classroom, virtual or in-person venues. No matter how you choose to learn, you'll walk away with all the tools you need to be successful!

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Industry-Specific Training

More industry-specific training resources than any other program.

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Customized Team Training

Get a training program that perfectly matches your current skill-level.

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Social Media Tools Directory

Get exclusive access as a member to our social media tools directory.

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Social Media Certification

Increase your value to the job marketplace by getting certified.

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Book a free consultation with our expert teacher who can assess your current skill-level and recommend the best training program for you or your team!

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Social Media Certification


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