Social Media Management Beginner Boot Camp Certification

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Instructor-Led Hands-On Training: Do you want to know exactly how to reach your target audience on social media? Would you like an employee to acquire the skills to handle your social media marketing for your company? Then this training session if for you! Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to be a Social Media Manager for your company!

Get access to an expert teacher who will provide hands-on training. Each session will be followed by a homework assignment that will be reviewed/graded with your teacher. Training will be done virtually through screen sharing software with live voice and chat. This training course is offered every Monday to fit your unique schedule.

Here’s What to Expect in Your Program:

Content Overview

Session 101: Targeted Audience Strategies, 9 am - 11:00 am

  • Learn how to find and engage with your target audience on the right Social Media networks for your business
  • Intro to the Social Media Management role and best practices
  • Review of your top Competitors and a plan to win in your industry
  • In-Class Work: Define your strategy to find leads on social media using your Customer Profiles

Lunch Break 11:15 am - 11:45 am

Session 102: Developing Your Content Management Strategy, 11:45 am - 3:45 pm

  • Learn how to build social media followers with an engaging content strategy that inspires Brand Advocates
  • Review best practices for developing an engaging content strategy
  • Review tools & resources to build content and campaigns
  • Break out Learning Session: Find the right content strategy for your business
  • In-Class Work: Create Your Editorial Content Calendar using Trello and design attention-grabbing posts with Canva

Session 103: Execute your Content Management Strategy, 4 pm - 5 pm

  • Review best practices for social media management
  • Implement your social media management strategy
  • Review the most popular social media strategies
  • Demonstrate what a Social Media Management Dashboard can do for your business
  • In-Class Work: Review the Social Media Management Posting Dashboard to start scheduling content

The class will be from 9 am to 5 pm EST
(with 30-minute lunch and 2 15 minute breaks)

Your teacher will be available to schedule a 30-minute followup phone call session after your training to review any additional questions you have before taking the final exam.

Pass Final Exam to get Social Media Management Certification

Take our final exam to prove you are a social media expert in your Industry. We will provide you with a digital certificate you can proudly display on your wall, website, and LinkedIn profile.

Just a Few Industries we specialize in for Instructor-Led Hands-On Training:

Educational Facilities
Non Profits
Real Estate/Realtors/Home Builders



Social Media Management Beginner Boot Camp Certification

2021 Calendar
Jan: Marketing Plan Development
Feb: Social Media Tools Review
Mar: Social Media Optimization
Apr: Branding and Advertising
May: Content and Article Marketing
Jun: Video and Blog Marketing
Jul: Email and Mobile Marketing
Aug: Pay Per Click Marketing
Sep: Search Engine Optimization
Oct: Social Media Management
Nov: Building Brand Advocates
Dec: Business Networking and Sales
Each month we will be featuring live webinars from our teachers on the above topics. Get exclusive access as a Web Media University member.
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