Social Media Training for Recruiters

Social Media Marketing Training for Recruiters

Social Media Training for Recruiters: Learn the Right Way to Utilize Social Platforms

While recruiters aren't shy about technology, this profession has a bad reputation for using it to spam instead of connect. Although most recruiters have good intentions for their social media usage, the reality is it only takes one significant mistake to turn away prospects for good. If you're a recruiter who's interested in social media but hesitant to use it because of concerns about doing something wrong, Web Media University can provide all the training you need. With courses that cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, we will teach you how to use social media to build your reputation and successfully connect with prospects.

How Web Media University Helps Recruiters To Make Most Out of Social Media

Now that you know what our social media training has to offer, if you're curious about the type of content you can expect, here's a preview in the form of tips that you can actually start using today:

Focus on Communities Regardless of the industry you're in, there are online communities where the people you're trying to recruit communicate on a regular basis. Whether it's a LinkedIn discussion or Twitter chat, these communities exist. All you need to do is spend some time finding them. Then once you do, start making valuable contributions. So instead of trying to directly promote your services, provide advice when topics like how to find a better job come up. With this approach, you'll gain the trust and interest of the types of recruits you want to connect with.

Don't Underestimate Passive Candidates Just because someone isn't currently looking for a job doesn't mean they're not a good prospect. Thanks to the more casual nature of social media, it provides the ideal platform for establishing relationships with these types of candidates. Then by having that relationship, they're far more likely to work with you when they are ready for a professional change.

Do Promote In the first tip, we mentioned that it's better to engage than only directly promoting your recruiting services. However, that doesn't mean you can't ever use social media for promotional purposes. Within your own profiles and feeds, it definitely makes sense to post about things like job openings that you want to promote. Just be sure to maintain a balance between self-promotional posts and posts that are focused on engaging with others.

Integrate Social Media Do you have a site where you publish new job openings? If so, integrating social media buttons can make it easier for other people to do the job of spreading the word about these opportunities. This is actually just one example of how integrating social media into your online and offline efforts can increase your overall results.


Social Media Marketing Training for Recruiters

2021 Calendar
Jan: Marketing Plan Development
Feb: Social Media Tools Review
Mar: Social Media Optimization
Apr: Branding and Advertising
May: Content and Article Marketing
Jun: Video and Blog Marketing
Jul: Email and Mobile Marketing
Aug: Pay Per Click Marketing
Sep: Search Engine Optimization
Oct: Social Media Management
Nov: Building Brand Advocates
Dec: Business Networking and Sales
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