Pinterest Users & Demographics

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows you to collect, organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the world wide web. It is a combination of social sharing, virtual scrapbooking and web bookmarking. It incorporates the features and benefits of attending a virtual craft fair, fashion show, exhibit and tradeshow; all put together at one place. It is a pin-board style photo and video sharing website which allows its users to create and use collections of theme-based images like events, interests, hobbies, etc.

You can browse the pin-boards of others for inspiration,’re-pin’ images to your own pinboard, and ‘like’ photos. Pinterest allows entrepreneurs to create pages for their business which are aimed at promoting their businesses on the web. Such pages can be a “virtual store.”

Many research brand studies have shown that Pinterest is superior in driving sales as compared to other forms of social media. Pinterest has come a long way since its inception and the statistics confirm its popularity. It has 10 million monthly visitors in the US.

More than 80% of its visitors are women and 29% of visitors are between the age demographic of 39 and 44 years. There are various topics of interest that are featured on the website, including but not exclusive to fashion and style, crafts/ hobbies, travel, interior design and cute collectibles/ animals.

Repins account for 80% of the virtual pins on Pinterest, confirming the huge popularity of the site. The pertinent question to ask yourself is whether your target audience is a part of this Pinterest crowd.

Benefits of being an active user of Pinterest:

Being on Pinterest can help you to stay ahead of your competition, as it is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world today. It provides a whole galaxy of inspirational ideas. It is a very addictive website and users are estimated to spend 88.3 minutes in a day on it! Being a part of this site can help you in enhancing your brand image and it is a superior visual tool for your clientele. You can tell the story and origins of your brand with boards and pins.

Pinterest is an excellent platform to host a contest and get noticed in the process. Market research is a breeze when done on Pinterest, as the site’s features allow you to crowdsource. It allows you to display your product and thereby drive sales higher. It is a novel and unique way to connect, comment and network. It integrates with other social networks and your website. You can pin relevant videos and vlog posts, and pins created from your site link back to that page.

Pinterest helps provide significant exposure and SEO benefits for your website. Pinterest shortens the sales cycle as its users are closer to the ‘buy’ trigger in the cycle. You can market almost anything on the site. With its virtual ‘dream boards’ feature, you can instantly know what your target demographic likes by their interest in specific boards/ pins, ideas offered, etc. Pins work as an instant connection to your brand and product. The ‘buy’ link feature can turn your customers’ wish lists into actual purchases. On the page you get when you first log on to Pinterest, a “pin feed” is visible, showing the chronological activity from the Pinterest boards that the user follows. While browsing for new boards/ pins, visitors can visit a “Tastemakers” page that recommends pinboards similar to previous pins saved by the user.

There are currently four main sections to browse on Pinterest: everything, popular, videos and gifts. These subcategorizations help provide an organized browsing system, while also helping the website’s users to connect on a wider platform and share common interests.

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