Pinterest Training for Business

Pinterest Training Course For Business

Web Media University gives you exclusive access to every tool and resource you need for success – saving you precious time and money.

Your complete step-by-step guide to using Pinterest

This online course includes…

  • What are the most popular pins and why
  • Must have Pinterest tools and apps
  • How to increase Repins and Likes
  • Pinterest Contest Strategies
  • How to get more followers

101 – Create a Viral Pinterest Business Page

Pinterest can drive more traffic to your website than Facebook - when done right. Effectively creating a Company Page and board strategy is the first step to Pinterest's success. Learning points:

  • Why Pinterest? Users, Demographics & Case Studies
  • Creating Board Descriptions to Attract Leads
  • Understanding Legal Issues to Protect Your Business
  • Is your Business a Good Fit for Pinterest

102 – Grow Your Pinterest Account Fast - Connect with Key Influencers

As you can imagine many Key Influencers already exist on Pinterest and if they repin your content they can significantly increase your exposure through their large group of followers. Identifying these influencers and connecting in a unique way is key to your success. Learning points:

  • How to Find Key influencers
  • Competitive Research Best Practices
  • Community Boards - Pros and Cons
  • What are the Most Popular Pins and Why
  • How to Create infographics

103 – Must-Have Pinterest Applications for your Business

Creating an engaging Pinterest Board strategy is the key to your success. Understand what pin and board strategies are the most effective. See how you can increase website traffic by promoting blogs. Create images and content that gets shared. Learning points:

  • How to use Pinterest Rich Pins
  • How to get more Pinterest followers
  • How to increase traffic to your blog from Pinterest
  • How to use Pinterest to build a community

104 – Pinterest Board Strategies to Reach Your Target Audience

With the popularity of Pinterest, many amazing apps have been created to enhance your experience. See what tools you can use to schedule pins, easily create infographics, find key influencers, discover content, and much more. Learning points:

  • Pinterest tools to create images
  • Pinterest tools for building your community
  • Pinterest tools to analyze and track results
  • How to use Pinterest analytics
Web Media University gives you exclusive access to every tool and resource you need for success – saving you precious time and money. We offer two great ways to learn:
passSelf Study Social Media Certification: join in on our self-guided online learning track that allows you to start anytime. Study at your own pace, from your desktop. Each course includes a series of exercises designed to put your learning into action. With the Library Card Pass, you get full access to all of our Courses and Resources.
majorCoached Social Media Certification: receive hands-on training with one of our expert teachers to ensure you are truly “getting it”. We review Case Studies, Tools and provide answers to specific questions related to your Industry. Students will be grouped into training sessions with their Industry peers.
2021 Calendar
Jan: Marketing Plan Development
Feb: Social Media Tools Review
Mar: Social Media Optimization
Apr: Branding and Advertising
May: Content and Article Marketing
Jun: Video and Blog Marketing
Jul: Email and Mobile Marketing
Aug: Pay Per Click Marketing
Sep: Search Engine Optimization
Oct: Social Media Management
Nov: Building Brand Advocates
Dec: Business Networking and Sales
Each month we will be featuring live webinars from our teachers on the above topics. Get exclusive access as a Web Media University member.
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