Social Media Marketing For Dentists

You’ve worked hard to build your dental practice, but without a steady stream of new and returning patients, it won’t be successful as you’ve hoped. Social media works great to attract new patients, but only if you know how to reach your new patients effectively. You need a social media strategy specifically for dentists.

Most social media courses are taught as general lessons, but at Web Media University, we have social media training specifically designed for dentists, their support staff and marketing professionals to teach you how to effectively use social media to grow your practice.

Whether you want to learn at your own pace, via live training, or in-person, via 1:1 coaching, our award-winning program will help you grow your dental practice and attract more patients to increase your revenue. And best of all? You’ll learn how these strategies will save you time and money.

Learn How Dentists Can Use Social Media To Attract More Patients

Do you want to learn how to harness the power of social media to get more patients? In our courses, you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine which platforms are worth your time to meet your goals
  • Promote your services to attract new patients and grow your practice
  • Use email autoresponders to remind patients about appointments
  • Locate potential patients and join in their public conversations
  • Develop and implement a profitable ad strategy
  • Understand the power of hashtags on all platforms
  • Make connections and find influencers
  • Create and promote professional videos
  • Create and manage text campaigns and QR codes
Sara Cullin

Sara Cullin

Rumpke Senior Corporate Communications Coordinator

“I am excited about all I learned through Web Media University! They offer extremely knowledgeable and patient instructors. Their experience and insight on social media strategy and trends has been valuable to our digital marketing strategy. Through the training, they provided a great balance of creative ideas and proven strategies I implemented for success.”

Start Developing Your Social Media Strategy For Your Dental Office Today

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