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How Companies Are Using Pinterest to Increase Sales

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Nordstrom and Target are just two examples of retailers that are experimenting with creative ways to utilize Pinterest. Retailers of all sizes are finding ways to harness the massive user base of this site and drive traffic directly to their own.

One of the ways Nordstrom is using the site is by actually marking items like handbags and shoes in their retail stores with physical tags. And for Target, one approach they’re taking is creating collections based on the activity of Pinterest’s top users. Pinterest users, also commonly referred to as pinners, aren’t only influencing Target. Other brands like Caribou are also making product decisions based on pinner’s activity. The coffee brand created a special blend based on what their Pinterest fans expressed interest in.

Why are So Many Retailers Heavily Utilizing Pinterest? 

The simple answer to that question is because it works. While plenty of big brands were unsure of the effectiveness of social media as recently as a few years ago, the availability of many different analytics tools means businesses can now see the exact results and ROI they’re getting from their social media efforts.

In the retail sector, Pinterest has proven to be especially powerful. A big part of why Pinterest works so well for retail is because its picture-driven nature is ideal for people to look through different items they’re interested in, then actually click through and buy. Also, since mobile Internet usage continues to grow at a rapid pace, Pinterest has done a great job of staying ahead of the curve by creating a really compelling mobile experience for its users.

The Basics of Pinterest 

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the site, its basic functionality revolves around interacting with images. While plenty of people were skeptical when the site launched in 2009, the fact that it gives users the ability to create boards by pinning different images has really captivated users’ interest. Users are also quite fond of the ability to follow each other’s boards. This type of social interaction has allowed many users to develop reputations as taste influencers.

Since estimates peg Pinterest’s user base is 80% female, fashion and beauty products perform especially well on the site. However, due to the fact that boards can be created around any niche, retailers across a wide range of industries have found success in using the site to build audiences and drive potential customers back to their own eCommerce sites.

Learn How to Harness the Power of Pinterest for Your Business 

You don’t have to be a massive retailer to get a lot of value out of Pinterest. If you have something to sell, Pinterest can help you connect with potential customers. By taking our online training course for Pinterest, you’ll learn how to create a viral page, how to grow your account, the best ways to connect with influencers, what applications will increase your efficiency, and much more!

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