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Coached Virtual One-to-One Boot Camp, Social Media Certification
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Web Media University
Program includes…
Social Media Certification Save time by getting a quicker understanding of the tools and resources you need for success! Are you tired of being overwhelmed with social media training and/or not sure where to start? Upgrade your Membership to "Declare Your Major" and get access to a personal expert teacher who will provide a hands-on training session just for you - designed to match your current skill level and unique Industry! We understand social media is not a “one-size fits all” and every industry faces unique challenges when marketing online. Then take the final exam to get your Social Media Certificate!
Self-Study Courses You can use our resources anytime, day or night. A handy study guide ensures you’re on track. Have a whole group in training? Train together during lunch, or study independently in the evenings. Each course includes a series of exercises designed to put your learning into action. A little practical application of what you’ve just learned does wonders for bringing concepts home.
Live Training Webinars You get access to faculty-led webinars on timely topics. Learn the latest techniques and methodologies in all disciplines. We recommend you make the live webinars because the live Q&A sessions are priceless. But if you can’t make it, don’t worry — we record them and post them in our library for your review.
Case Studies Library Learn how others in your Industry are winning with social media. We offer the most elaborate case study directory online and are adding new ones every day.
Tools, Apps & Software Directory With so many amazing tools, apps and software out there it can be overwhelming to find the right ones for your business. Save precious time and money when you can search our amazing directory by solution needed, social platform to use it with and best choice for your Industry.
Recommended Books Directory We help you find the best books to read and supplement your learning with Web Media University. Our directory let's you search by Industry so you can find books written that provide unique marketing solutions just for you.
Continuing Education With monthly membership we give you exclusive access to all our marketing tools, webinars and resources. Social Media changes every day and we update our resources daily to provide you with the best information to be sure you are staying ahead of your competition.
2017 Calendar
Jan: Marketing Plan Development
Feb: Social Media Tools Review
Mar: Social Media Optimization
Apr: Branding and Advertising
May: Content and Article Marketing
Jun: Video and Blog Marketing
Jul: Email and Mobile Marketing
Aug: Pay Per Click Marketing
Sep: Search Engine Optimization
Oct: Social Media Management
Nov: Building Brand Advocates
Dec: Business Networking and Sales
Each month we will be featuring live webinars from our teachers on the above topics. Get exclusive access as a Web Media University member.
Featured Teacher


    Michelle was recently nominated for the Women Owned Business of the Year! CEO of her own full service social media marketing agency Web Strategy Plus.  She holds a valuable degree in Internet Marketing with a strong 15+ year background in the field. She has published 2 books in her series titled, “The Social Media Magnet: everything you need to know to attract customers with social media”, where she shares her best kept secrets to success. Michelle travels Worldwide delivering keynotes and in-depth social media certification training to companies. She founded the Social Media Enthusiasts community with chapters Nationwide. Also a current contributing editor to The Social Media Monthly Magazine. Read More »