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4 Powerful Ways to Approach Social Media Training and Get Results

4 Powerful Ways to Approach Social Media Training and Get Results

Now that businesses of all sizes have realized that social media is here to stay, a significant percentage want to learn the best way to utilize these networks for promotional purposes. For many businesses, one of the biggest challenges is balancing employee sharing with ensuring that no one does anything that could damage the company’s brand.

If you’re trying to figure out how to integrate social media into your organization, social media training can provide everything you need to get your entire team on the same page. Since social media is such a broad topic, let’s take a look at some of the different ways that businesses decide to approach training

Determining a clear social media objective for your business

Before you dive into any type of training, it’s important to know exactly what you want to accomplish. For most organizations, there are several components that make up their overall objective. The first is protecting their brand. Given that there seems to be multiple major social media snafus every week, no business wants to end up with that type of negative press.

The other key component is figuring out the role of social media in an overall marketing strategy. Depending on your specific business, your objectives may range from increasing brand awareness to bringing in targeted traffic for your free email newsletter.

Figuring out what needs to be covered

Once you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with training, you need to think about what should be covered. Since most companies benefit most from utilizing multiple social media networks, training should reflect the unique nature of each of those sites. For example, the best practices for utilizing Twitter differ significantly from what works best on Facebook or Instagram.

Considering the ongoing nature of training

Not only do social networks change on a regular basis, but new entrants can significantly alter the social landscape in a fairly short period of time. Because social media continues to evolve, it’s best to think of training as an ongoing process instead of something that your team will only ever need to do once.

Tying training to real life

Since social media management involves engaging with real people on an ongoing basis, it’s important to tie training to real situations as often as possible. By speaking in concrete terms instead of abstractions, your team will understand exactly what they need to focus on, as well as what they should avoid doing.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into quality social media training. While it’s worth figuring out your organization’s specific objectives, coming up with the right material can be very time-consuming.

Saving time and getting maximum value is why many companies opt to go through an established program. For a proven social media certification program, take a look at the details of Web Media University’s comprehensive social media training.

Michelle Hummel Web Strategy PlusMichelle Hummel is CEO of Web Strategy Plus a full-service digital marketing agency focused on Franchise Marketing. She was recently nominated for the Woman-Owned Business of the Year! She’s a passionate Social Media Trainer with 15+ years of successful online business development, sales, and marketing experience. She also holds a valuable Internet Marketing Degree however with the ever-changing world of web marketing she strives to learn something new every day. 

She travels Nationwide visiting her 22 Social Media Enthusiasts Chapters delivering in-depth social media training. She also provides Social Media Certifications through founding Web Media University. A current contributing editor to The Franchise Dictionary Magazine and she has written 3 books in her series called, “The Social Media Magnet: Everything You Need to Know to Attract Customers with Social Media”, where she shares her best-kept secrets to success. She also specializes in helping Franchisors and Franchisees develop an integrated web marketing program to drive leads. She’s available for interviews via email, telephone, Skype video, news segments on location and more. Just let her know how she can help!

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