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We give you exclusive access to every tool and resource you need for success - saving you precious time and money. Learn in the environment that works best for you!

Attend anywhere in the World virtually!

Self Study, Instant Access to everything, learn at your pace!
Live Virtual Training One-to-One with a dedicated teacher


Coached Virtual Boot Camp Social Media Certification: saves you time by helping you get a quicker understanding of the exact tools and resources you need for success! Are you tired of being overwhelmed with social media training and/or not sure where to start? We understand social media is not a “one-size fits all” and every industry faces unique challenges when marketing online.

Get access to an expert teacher who will provide a hands-on training session designed just for you! Each session will be followed with a homework assignment that will be reviewed/graded with your teacher. Training will be done virtually through screen sharing software.

Here’s What to Expect in Your Training Program

Content Overview

Session #1 – Targeted Marketing Strategies, 2 hours

  • Introduction to the Social Media Management role, best practices, tools and must-have resources
  • Learn secret strategies to find your target audience on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus
  • See how easy it is to discover Key Influencers on social media and develop strategic relationships to help grow your business
  • Learn how to easily monitor Facebook and Twitter conversations with targeted keywords to find your customers
  • Learn how to create Twitter leads lists and import them into the Send Social Media Management dashboard for monitoring and engagement
  • Classroom Work: You will create your Targeted Marketing Profiles

Session #2 – Developing Your Content Strategy, 2  hours

  • Introduction on how to develop a magnetic content marketing strategy to attract customers to your brand
  • Learn how to build social media followers fast and inspire them to become Brand Advocates
  • We will review best practices and give you several great ideas you can use for your content strategy
  • Learn how you can use tools like Send Social Media and to quickly find quality content
  • You will be provided with a Social Media Marketing Calendar template which you will use to start building your own strategy
  • Classroom Work: You will create your Social Media Marketing Calendar

Session #3 – Executing Your Market Strategy, 2  hours

  • Introduction on how to use the Send Social Media Management Dashboard
  • How to add and manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Foursquare, YouTube, WordPress and Pinterest
  • How to setup your Twitter Welcome Tweets, List, Searches, Retweets and AutoReplies
  • How to create an Email and SMS Mobile marketing campaign
  • How to optimize your social media posts - best time to post, repeat your posts, add lead generation links, create custom designs, add videos & automate your RSS feed
  • How to pull reports to optimize your social media strategies
  • Classroom Work: You will input your Social Media Content into the posting dashboard

In-Depth, Industry Specific Training

We will review your homework and provide answers to specific questions that relate to your Industry. We will deliver in-depth training and help you understand the Social Media Tools that are right for your business.

Social Media Certification

Take our final exam to prove you are a social media expert in your Industry. We will provide you with a badge you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile and add to your website.

Just a Few Industries we specialize in for Instructor Led Hands-On Training:

  • Accountants
  • Authors/Writers
  • Construction
  • Educational Facilities
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion/Beauty/Fitness
  • Financial/Brokers/Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Marketers/Agency
  • Musicians
  • Non Profits
  • Real Estate/Realtors/Home Builders
  • Recruiters
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Travel


2021 Calendar
Jan: Marketing Plan Development
Feb: Social Media Tools Review
Mar: Social Media Optimization
Apr: Branding and Advertising
May: Content and Article Marketing
Jun: Video and Blog Marketing
Jul: Email and Mobile Marketing
Aug: Pay Per Click Marketing
Sep: Search Engine Optimization
Oct: Social Media Management
Nov: Building Brand Advocates
Dec: Business Networking and Sales
Each month we will be featuring live webinars from our teachers on the above topics. Get exclusive access as a Web Media University member.
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