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What Are the Best Strategies for Increasing Google+ Engagement?

What Are the Best Strategies for Increasing Google+ Engagement-blog
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Since Google does have a track record of announcing products and then later shutting them down, some people were skeptical about the longevity of Google Plus. But given the fact that Google has continued to integrate this network into more of their products, it’s clear that Google+ is here to stay.

Although Google+ hasn’t reached the scale of Facebook, its active users are comparable in size to Twitter. Because Google Plus is such a significant network, it’s worthwhile for businesses to build out a Google+ presence. While that may seem easy enough for a business that already has experience with Facebook or Google, plenty of businesses have already discovered that building a truly engaged Google+ following can be especially challenging.

Whether you’re just getting started with Google Plus or you want to increase the engagement for your existing profile, here are five proven strategies to help you out:

Engage with Others

Even though this may seem obvious, plenty of individuals and businesses forget that engaging with others is the best way to build engagement momentum for their own G+ profile. The best way to engage is by looking for opportunities where you can really add value to a conversation.

Be Consistent

With the exception of really popular celebrities who suddenly create a social media account, it’s not realistic to expect overnight momentum with Google+ or any other network. If you want to start seeing more results from Google Plus, you need to make it a priority. Engaging and sharing on a consistent basis is one of the absolute best ways to build long-term momentum.

Try Out a Hangout On Air Event

Since Hangout On Air events provide an opportunity to use Google+ to connect with others through video, this avenue is a great way to really boost engagement. But before you host one of these events yourself, be sure to attend a few Hangouts that you find interesting. Not only will going to other Hangouts give you an opportunity to learn what works best, but participating in the comments provides a great chance to network.

Don’t Overload Your Circles

Circling everyone you come across means that your main G+ feed will be filled with a lot of content you don’t care about. By instead sticking to profiles that you find interesting or are relevant to your business, you’ll have a much easier time engaging with the right people.

Get Visual

Google+ and other social networks are becoming more image driven. That’s why taking the time to include a quality image with everything you post is a great way to increase engagement. Even if you don’t consider yourself a designer, online tools like Canva make it really easy to create attractive images and graphics to include with your posts.

If you want to learn even more about getting the most out of Google Plus, be sure to check out Web Media University’s Google+ training.

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