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100% Discount Codes for The Realtime Marketing Lab 2015 Spring Tour

100% Discount Codes for The Realtime Marketing Lab 2015 Spring Tour

The Realtime Marketing Lab tour helps marketers discover the best social media tools for realtime marketing, and gives them access to the companies creating them. They have designed and are promoting an atmosphere that feels more like a sandbox test environment, where participants can feel at ease while getting hands on experience with these various products while also receiving a deeper education that will help them pick the best ones for their business.

Target audience: social media marketers, agencies, franchisors, Web publishers, marketing professionals, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators.

Web Media University will be participating in the The Realtime Marketing Lab 2015 Spring Tour.  We’ll be in the West visiting DC (Monday, May 4th) to NYC (Wednesday, May 6th) to Boston (Friday, May 8th) and then flying East hitting Seattle(Monday, May 11th), San Francisco (Wednesday, May 13th), and Los Angeles (Friday, May 15th) — every one of the links below offers you a 100% discount over the $99 registration fee, thanks to Web Strategy Plus!

Here are the dates and the discount link codes for The Realtime Marketing Lab 2015 Spring Tour:

Here’s some more information about The Realtime Marketing Lab 2015 Spring Tour:

  • This is not your older sister’s social media conference.
  • We don’t believe in panel discussions in which you don’t learn anything.
  • We don’t believe in charging exorbitant prices to both the sponsors and the attendees.
  • And we don’t believe in making you fly across the country and have to get precious travel dollars allocated.
  • We are going on the road and bringing the event to you.

We will actually be doing realtime marketing during the realtime marketing lab tour for our event sponsor: Repio. We believe the best way to learn and experience the various tools and platforms available today is by putting them through their paces. We will be running this marketing campaign Repio one week before the tour, during the two weeks of the tour, and for one week after the tour. We will also be introducing a changing geographic and demographic environment into the tour as we travel from city to city, and will be analyzing and presenting how the campaign differs as we travel between locations.

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